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Right on the edge

Vor der nächsten harten Einheit oder dem nächsten Wettkampf darf man sich ruhig mal fragen, ob man sich wirklich ein bisschen angestrengen will. Das wäre dann etwa so: I can tell I’m at the limit when I can taste a … Continue reading

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Outside the comfort zone

Could not have said it better: … the practice sessions of aspiring champions have a specific and never-changing purpose: progress. Every second of every minute of every hour, the goal is to extend one’s mind and body, to push oneself … Continue reading

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Use your legs

That’s a good one about Rod Ellingworth, Race Coach at Team Sky. True spirit of Mannschaftsleitung: … and Geraint fell off on one of the descents. He slid down the road on his hands. Took all the skin off, he … Continue reading

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